Powerful Marketing Platform

Track, Measure, & Optimize

Tracking Platform For Perfomance Marketers Deliver in Real-Time

Welcome to a whole new world of selling...


Better Conversions! Better Revenue Per Order! Shorter Call Lengths!

  • Our proprietary technology enhances customer experience and reduces call lengths
  • Multilingual natural speech provides a human-like experience for the caller
  • Increase cash flow by up to 5 days using “on call” real-time credit card processing
  • Our scripting expertise leads a consumer through a clear, concise systematic process
  • We deliver the perfect pitch on every call at a fraction of the cost vs. live centers


Empower your brand for the price of a one-minute call!

  • Complete a customer service call for 75% less compared to live center costs
  • Provide a friendly, highly advanced, 24 x 7 automated environment
  • Never again worry about untrained, rude agents representing your brand
  • Issue RMA’s, partial cancels, refunds, product info, order status and more
  • Proficient “Save the Sale” techniques and technology preserving customer retention


Low cost call routing and tracking management for inbound calls!

  • Low cost local and toll-free numbers
  • Record inbound calls in real-time
  • Manage transfer hours to call centers in all USA time zones
  • Transfer directly into our IVR for order capture, lead generation and customer service
  • Use a unique number to track calls from Websites, TV, radio, print, direct mail and more

Welcome to a whole new world of selling...