Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is VoicegenX?

VoiceGenX is a Mobile Media Agency and so much more. We offer a comprehensive yet simple, mCommerce and eCommerce platform to manage all of your advertising needs. Whether you are a TV Marketer or eCommerce Marketer, VoiceGenX can deliver, capture, track, measure, and optimize your commerce activities.

    We uniquely provide the following technologies:

  • Mobile Advertising including Media Acquisition and Placement
  • Design and Hosting of Mobile Ads and Mobile Landers
  • Design and Hosting of eCommerce Ads and Shopping Carts
  • Interactive Tele-Services (IVR), Call routing and Call Tracking
  • Automated Customer Service
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • mCommerce Solutions
  • Real-Time Credit Card Processing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

How is VoicegenX different from the competition?

Our Mobile advertising platform is unmatched in the industry. We drive over 10 billion annual ads generating unprecedented traffic and sales conversions. We deliver targeted mobile consumers to adaptive mobile landers or consumers can utilize our Click to Call technology to capture their order.

Our Voice Technology produces Better Conversions! Better Revenue Per Order! and Shorter Call Lengths! We even out produce LIVE call centers agents while reducing costs by 75%.

We are uniquely positioned to Design, Deploy and Capture an entire mCommerce and eCommerce advertising program. No other company can provide these technologies. NO ONE!

How quickly will I be up and running once I have signed on with VoicegenX?

You could be up and running quickly depending on your business requirements and product offering. Usually, it takes less than a week to get you up and running with complete mobile capabilities. The Tele-Services component of your campaign is generally provided within a 2-week timeframe. Click to Call and Call Routing is provided in less than a week.

Can I use my own Application and Tracking Domain?


Our platform and expertise generates tremendous amounts of qualified users to simply complete a quick mobile form. We also connect users via Click to Call to our IVR for data capture if that is their preference. We also can transfer to a live call center of your choice for the same data collection.

If Cookies are turned off, will VoicegenX still work?

Yes, it will. Our platform was developed with the latest technology and cookies do not need to be turned on in order for the VoiceGenX platform to work.

What are the pricing models for VoiceGenX technologies?

Please just call us or fill out a quick pricing request on our contact page so we can provide a customized advertising plan for you!

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